FYP Proposal

A profound search for the essential, acute observation of the world we live in and a belief that simplicity can be inspirational.

There has been a constant buzz in the the consumer landscape with regards to Mass Customization. By and large, we are still buying manufactured goods. With the exception of custom-crafted luxury products like mega-yachts and tailored suits, we are still purchasing very standardized items, and “customization” means picking the 16GB iphone over the 32GB etc. There are customizable physical product services such as NikeID that has earned strong customer followings, but they are still products that relate closer to “designed for me” than the “designed by me” experience promised. With that being said, there is a demand for more personalized experiences, nurtured by our highly customizable digital devices.

The focus of my Final-Year Project would be to explore this upcoming phenomenon of “Mass Customization”. To explore the relationship between the user and the designer, comparing “designed by me” rather than the “designed for me” experience and how it affects our way of living.



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