Interview with Volunteer/Helper From Rainbow Centre

This particular volunteer was working with children with autism, that are on a moderate to severe spectrum.


1) What are the problems they face as people with special needs? Do they themselves know that they have this particular issue?

Individuals with autism basically have problems with social communication and interaction. I don’t think the students I have taught know about them having autism but they do face frustration while trying to communicate when people don’t understand them.


2) Do they want to be a part of the society? And how are you guys as teachers or guardians helping them?

I think the students I taught were too young to know whether they want to be part of the society. Teachers bring them out to community to introduce them daily living skills (for example Crossing Traffic light, purchasing at coffeeshop and supermarkets, going for plays, buddy integration programs at schools)


3) Are you guys trying to integrate them into society?

As mentioned above. Also, we encourage the parents to do so too.


4) Do they have a varying degree of statuses where some people’s cases are just minor and some are more major? If so, what can be done to make their lives easier or enhance their way of living?

Yes. Autism is a spectrum of severity. Our school focuses more on daily life skills so that at least they can take care of themselves – Basic Hygiene, basic life-skills like wearing socks and shoes, t-shirts, counting money, travelling.

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