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FYP Presentation 4

Videos showing the cephalopods skin and texture changes Videos showing the cephalopods skin and texture changes Videos showing the cephalopods skin and texture changes   Presentation 4 Feedback: Fabrizio: Life is not just based on “Hi” and “Bye”. There are more complex messages. Whatsapp messages are private and solves the problem Feels that messaging/communication via light does not make sense… Read more →

FYP Presentation 3

          Feedback from the panel: Cryptic communication may include making it more approachable for others to communicate with you. Focus on what the users need and want – Understanding them better and finding out more from them to make appropriate decisions. Specify if the product system is meant for people who just met for the first… Read more →

Survey Questionare

  Conducted a generic survey on Normal people’s perception of People with Disabilities(PWD), how open they are towards PWDs and what are the issues they face in order to communicate with PWDs.   Key Responses: Normal people believe that PWDs are people who have difficulties living a normal life. More than 90% are open and approachable towards PWDs. 71% are worried of… Read more →

Reaching Out!

    This video has been designed by English Federation of Disability Sport(EFDS) to complement the charity’s successful Inclusive Communications Guide. The video talks about useful communication practices and principles and how the changes will help providers to reach a wider audience in sport and physical activity, including more disabled people. Read more →

Products for Disability

The GlassOuse is an assistive mouse designed for people who cannot use their hands. The mouse is designed like a pair of glasses and moving the cursor is based on head movements. Clicking the mouse is based off biting the blue mouthpiece.   Cities Unlocked: A navigational product which uses 3D sound to guide the visually impaired around the urban landscape… Read more →

Research: Design for Disability by Graham Pullin

In this book.. Disability – Complex interaction between features of a person & features of the environment & society that one lives. Impairment – Problem in body function / structure Inclusive Design / Universal Design – Considering issues of disabilities and seeks to make mainstream design accessible to everyone   Fashion Meets Discretion Designing for disability, tackling issues of discretion. Questions: 1) Should… Read more →

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