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FYP Presentation 3

          Feedback from the panel: Cryptic communication may include making it more approachable for others to communicate with you. Focus on what the users need and want – Understanding them better and finding out more from them to make appropriate decisions. Specify if the product system is meant for people who just met for the first… Read more →

Survey Questionare

  Conducted a generic survey on Normal people’s perception of People with Disabilities(PWD), how open they are towards PWDs and what are the issues they face in order to communicate with PWDs.   Key Responses: Normal people believe that PWDs are people who have difficulties living a normal life. More than 90% are open and approachable towards PWDs. 71% are worried of… Read more →

Visual & Hearing impaired

Observation: Deaf & Blind people experience a dark world with no sounds. – They use their remaining senses : Smell & Touch to understand the world that we live in. – Identify people based on smell The mentor interacts and creates a bond with the disabled through these 2 senses that only she can experience. Read more →

Deaf / Partially Deaf

Observation: People with hearing disabilities tend to be more observant over their surroundings via Sight -Communicates by sign language (Deaf) -Able to communicate normally with the use of hearing aids (Partially Deaf) -Lip-reading (Both) The video shows how deaf people can contribute to society, working in a cafe serving tea through silence. Silence, which can be a barrier to a… Read more →

Interview with Volunteer/Helper From Rainbow Centre

This particular volunteer was working with children with autism, that are on a moderate to severe spectrum.   1) What are the problems they face as people with special needs? Do they themselves know that they have this particular issue? Individuals with autism basically have problems with social communication and interaction. I don’t think the students I have taught know… Read more →

Social Stigma faced by People with Disabilities

Individuals with disabilities are faced with stigma and discrimination from the society where they live. Most people look down on them and treat them as special. Disabled people may find it hard to socialize with members of the society. This can lead to depression as well as self pity, if not checked. (http://www.dmd-aapd.org/people-with-disabilities/) Most celebrated achievers were born into a… Read more →

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