Histories of Art II: Week 2 Journal, Fav. Buddhist Temple.

Question: What is your favourite Buddhist Temple in Singapore? Why?

The oldest memories of me going to a Buddhist Temple in Singapore was when I was really young (7-12). My Father used to be really religious, went to one weekly which was called Palelai Buddhist Temple, and from time to time he would bring my brothers and me along. It was never about religion for us, it was merely like a trip out of home, sprinkled with the addition of a joy ride in the car.

If my memory serves me right, there was a large gold statue of Buddha as evidenced with the image above and a four faced statue at the outside. There was an incident where the coiled incense that was hanging around had one of the end burned off and accidentally entered the inside of my shirt, I was burned badly and even had a raw red wound for a long time! (Just checked and though still there, the scar has reduced to a tiny red dot).

I remember the place to be smelling of incense, always coming home with my shirt pungent with it. I remember the constant chant that was playing in the background in the inside of the Temple. I remember that the sky was always sunny when I visited the place.

So to answer the question of why this was my favourite Temple, I feel that it was the memories that I had intertwined with the place, and the relationship I had with my father which made the place familiar to me.


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