Histories of Art II: Week 4 Journal, Team 1’s Presentation

First of all good job Raj, Fern, Julianna, and Feli! I really enjoyed the presentation that you guys had put up for us.

Firstly free food! *Hint hint to the next group LOL* Haha you know you already won half the battle when you have people like me rushing from my morning class with a growling stomach! But really it was very engaging from the QnA (start) to the end! The bananas, jasmine scent, candies(!) and the 360 view transported me out of the little room with too little chairs into the hindu temple!

I love how organised the slides were and also everyone had equally interesting facts to present which was great.

Awesome job!

Author: Alfred Yeo

Every colour has a mood, every design has a purpose, and every word communicates something.

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