Histories of Art II: Essay Proposal

What is Chinese tomb art? Compare two terracotta figures from the Qin dynasty.


  • Explanation of Chinese tomb art
  • Information of the Qin dynasty
  • Information of the First Emperor
  • Information of the terracotta army
  • Tentative claim: Why would the terracotta army have such individually different facial features even in a time when communism is so strong? One theory is that the First Emperor believe in an after life was so strong that he wanted to mimic the real life (people with different looks) to fit in after he rule in his death.


  • Introduction to the Kneeling Archer
  • Explanation on features
  • Introduction to the Terracotta Sergeant (I was thinking if I should have 2 of the same rank & position, like another kneeling archer, to boost my claim of individualism even in a situation when they are meant to be the same)
  • Explanation on features
  • Compare their features and explain the similarities and differences


  • Briefly present all the information again
  • Conclude your argument or present new thought/ways of looking at the issue if I have any.

Author: Alfred Yeo

Every colour has a mood, every design has a purpose, and every word communicates something.

One thought on “Histories of Art II: Essay Proposal”

  1. *Good introduction. How can you flesh out that first part about “explanation of Chinese tomb art?”
    *I am glad to see that you will discuss the Qin dynasty briefly before zeroing in on the tomb warriors.
    *The current claim is a bit grand. You can do it for a Ph.D. thesis! Let’s try to write a short comparison essay. So, frame your claim as a comparison. Include similarities and differences.

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