2D Fdn II: Point of View (Research)

18 Points-of-view

  • A paper from the point of view of a student is an essay.
  • A paper from the point of view of a tree is murder.
  • A paper from the point of view of a rock is bullying.
  • A paper from the point of view of a dead person is an obituary.
  • A paper from the point of view of a pen is a lover.
  • A paper from the point of view of a book is a warm embrace.
  • A paper from the point of view of a taoist is a weapon (talisman).
  • A paper from the point of view of a printer is food.
  • A paper from the point of view of a Pao is a mat.
  • A paper from the point of view of a origami is a yoga session.
  • A paper from the point of view of a Tori Kerry is a heartbreak.
  • A paper from the point of view of a finger is a cut.
  • A paper from the point of view of a lazy soldier is his underwear.
  • A paper from the point of view of a graduate is power.
  • A paper from the point of view of a instagrammer is their make shift background.

Artist references

Colour blocking


Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9.08.29 am



2D Fdn II: Typographic portrait problem (Update Pt.2)

HELLO IT’S ME. Were you expecting Adele? Hahahaha too bad.

  • An update on my progress and thinking process! 

Initially I had a lot of ideas and tried my hands to experiment with different techniques as you can see from my previous post. One of them which I left out on the update was the wax dripping effect that you can see below.


ˆ A & Y for Alfred Yeo.


ˆ As I finished, I noticed that the wax was hot enough to significantly melt the paper to reveal a translucent back which cheekily said the very singlish “YA”.

I had the idea of using red strings to form my name, and was thinking of using my Chinese name to symbolise my oriental heritage. Before I did it hands on, I wanted to see how it would look on the screen.2-013

ˆ I decided to experiment how it would look with a black background and even changed the colour of the line into a neon green. This creates another feel and look from the red against white and was a delight to discover.


ˆ In comparison.

I also refined the scribbled elf I drew previously and live traced it in illustrator as you can see below.

FullSizeRender zs-01

Looking at how there was a large amount of red in my work, Joy recommended me to play around with it, and even suggested dripping the red wax to colour the faces and hands of the elves which were intended to be red.

  • Inspiration from artist

Zhang Xiaogang

As I was having the first consultation, I suddenly remembered of ZXG’s bloodline series which emphasis on his strong colour on muted backgrounds, and also the use of red lines betweens human connections to represent the blood line.

I thought they looked neat and created my finals with a modern twist but along the same idea which I will upload after the presentation! For now have a look at his works below! Amaze-balls.

2D Fdn II: Typographic portrait problem (Update)

Update on the assignment:

  • Started my hands on the sugar experiment that I mentioned in class.


  1. Template ready!


2. Stolen sugar from Mcdonald’s ready!!



3) Lining up the sugar with the print.


4) And now we wait…


5) ANTS!

My name is Alfred, and I am a condiment.

As sugar is normally added to dishes to boost their taste, I feel that I although might not taste the best alone (too sweet!), with the synergy of someone else, things will work out better.

Also using the characteristic of sugar, it is something that attracts ants, though I work best with people, people like pest might come along as well, and sometimes I could be too trusting or gullible to avoid falling into bad situations.

  • Stuff I did and presented in the last class:
IMG_2016-01-21 02:16:16
Imagine the elf red, now it’s an elf that’s red! (ALF-RED) Yay!
Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 1.49.29 am
Colour blind test in my initials, quite cool right? *pats back*


Typography research

Hey Alfred Here! 🙂

Back in my poly days I touched a little on typography learning about things like leading, kerning, spacing, various rules to create a better design and even tried my hands on creating some! Here are 2 below for an example:

b760e05264a28f7ffa59009ca1c9b3ab copy
Creating a visual image with the poem that was given to us. The poem was related to being trapped as a human in the oppression with what people say.
30e36aeec91ce552ae4d07613e121ed6 copy
Creating visual meaning with the word “magnetic”.

On my leisure time, I too follow various instagram accounts for inspirations, one of my favorite is this account called @goodtype. From using coffee as a medium to write out good morning, to having stop motions, there is almost no limit to what you can do with type to enhance the look and meaning behind it.

FireShot Capture 1 - Goodtype I Strength In Letters @goodtype Instagr_ - http___websta.me_n_goodtype

Handmade Typography

As cliché as what many would say, I love how something is handmade, it expresses authenticity and as flawed or rugged it may look, it’s beautiful.

Here are some of the type designed that I personally enjoyed:


Stefan Sagmeister

He is a New York-based graphic designer and typographer. His motto is “Design that needed guts from the creator and still carries the ghost of these guts in the final execution.”

From his works, you can see his bold expression of using textures and experimentations on bringing the type to the next level. Many of his works are made in a large scale as you can see below.

Attributes about myself & Ideas

  1. Glow in the dark paint
  2. Flowers to piece into my name
  3. Candies
  4. Constellation design
  5. Colour Test
  6. Maze
  7. Red Elf, get it a ALF-RED. (Pun-ny)
  8. Sugar as type
  9. Blur/ Mosaic
  10. Coins
  11. Stitching

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 1.49.29 am
Trying my hands on creating the colour test with my initials, A & Y.
IMG_2016-01-21 02:16:16
“Red” elf in the form of an A.

IMG_2016-01-21 02:16:25
Trying to see how it will look like with thumbtacks and strings to replicate the look of constellations, and failing miserably. Lol.

IMG_2016-01-21 02:16:21