Patterns: Initial sketch

I ventured the fairytale of “the little mermaid” not wanting to limit myself with the storyline but instead to focus on how it made me feel and to explore on that emotion instead.

With the quote “A sigh was the only sign of her deep distress, for a mermaid cannot cry.” I played with how eyes were used as motifs and also the incorporation of a skeletal mermaid instead of a “live” to heighten the emotion of grief and betrayal.

More exploration on how the mermaid could look like.

Going into the gaining but losing herself all for a pair of legs, I had fun creating this vectorized legs but I did not use them in the end.

Patterns: Motif WIP

These are some of the motifs I created for my banners, they are still a little rough and would definitely need more details and improvements. But at this moment I just wanted to churn them out in adobe illustrator to see how they would look when vectorised and “tiled”.


The skeleton mermaids, to symbolise the death of the little mermaid and the dark meanings the fairytale embodies.



This is inspired from the quote I’m using which says that the mermaid suffers so much more because it could not cry, and with a gruesome take on it, I decided to illustrate what she would do with them since they are “useless”.

They definitely looked better stand alone, and when placed together, they looked like some monster. Hilarious!



Another take on the eyes, but this time round flying around.