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Final Compositions





Jobs chosen from my childhood dreams – Coder, Entrepreneur, Graphic Designer, Animator. However, these are just examples of a broader career world, with the same future for women.


Feminism in different contexts – The inevitable failure of women in their careers due to various setbacks.


Subliminal Dark & Minimalistic

Design Principles:

  • Shadows and Highlights in the objects to add depth
  • Dual Tone background for more dimension
  • Centralized elements for emphasized effect
  • Simple Color Harmony following various animated movies
  • Consistency in scale and composition and tones
  • Recurring motifs of cracks
  • Recognizable symbols for context – Need Background knowledge


Composition 1:

Following the Color Scheme of Mulan, A computer is personified using Mulan’s hair to show a woman in the Coding field. There is a crack in the computer screen showing that it has been damaged. This is symbolic of a woman’s future in this industry. My initials – A,F,K are represented in the bangs of the hair, the tear rolling from the eye and finally the crack in the computer screen.



Composition 2:

Following the Color Scheme of Brave, A light bulb is personified using Merida‘s hair to show a woman in the field of Entrepreneurship. The bulb is broken and the cracks in the bulb are symbolic of a woman’s failure in this field. My initials – A,F,K are represented in the light blue highlights of the cracks.



Composition 3:

Following the Color Scheme of Frozen, A Printer is personified using Elsa‘s hair to show a woman in the Graphic Design industry. The paint peeling off from the printer, and the ink running through the pages is symbolic of the ominous future of the woman in this industry. My initials – A,F,K are represented in dark blue surface after the pink and light blue paint peels of the printer, and also in the grey portions of the paper, where the ink runs chaotically in a zigzag motion.



Composition 4:

Following the Color Scheme of The Incredibles, The Pixar Lamp is personified using Elastagirl‘s hair to show a woman in the field of Animation. The bulb inside the lamp is giving off sparks and is about to burst indicating a sense of destruction. This is symbolic of a woman’s inevitable failure in this industry, and all others. My initials – A,F,K are represented in the bright yellow sparks from the lamp which are symbolic of any last attempts at salvaging careers, but the failing end is inevitable.




Challenges Faced


I faced quite a few difficulties while executing my project. My major concern from the beginning was how to integrate text and image cohesively, without one stealing the thunder from the other. But as I progressed with my compositions, I realized that the strength of my compositions lied in the images, because it represented the narrative. So I stopped stressing if the text was evident or not. The text, which was my name, in the form of cracks was just a supplement to the narrative, which was supposed to add a significant meaning, but in a SUBTLE way – which was executed well.

I also faced a lot of challenges conceptualizing how to show the ‘element of failure’ and I had to redo my designs repeatedly. I seriously owe my classmates and Prof. Joy for their valuable suggestions during the group consult!!!

The one composition that annoyed me the most was the Entrepreneur Composition. Firstly, Merida’s hair. So difficult 😛 I tried to use the brush tool but that turned out disgusting. Finally, I settled for simple curved shapes.

Incorporating my name also was difficult in this one. First I showed my initials through the strands of Merida’s hair, then through the parts of the arrow. Finally, I got rid of the arrow, and sought to the recurring motif of cracks to spell A, F, K.




  • Classmates:
    • Xuanfei: XF liked the use of cracks for the first 3 compositions and sparks for the last. She felt that it was symbolic of the narrative – as though it were leading to a dramatic ending. She asked me if there was a specific reason I chose the dual tone for the background. I clarified saying that I thought it would add some depth, since my compositions had an element of depth as well with the shadows and highlights.
    • Trey: Trey liked the overall concept and coherence of the project. He thought it was well thought out and executed.


  • Prof Joy: Prof Joy appreciated that a clear direction and good methodology was developed from the start. She thought that the subtlety of the name and the message brought through the cracks was evident. She also seconded that the dual tone helped in creating a dimension, opposed to the earlier compositions which looked flat.


  • Others:





This project was perhaps the most satisfactory thing that has happened to me since I joined ADM. I was very happy with my thought process, hardwork and final execution. I had lots of fun learning and playing with Illustrator and it was such a treat to see those colors on the computer screen transfer onto the famous grey foam wall. All the sleep deprivation and tiredness was worth it at the end! 🙂 And I am super pumped to use more Illustrator in the future!!

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