Visual Communication II Task 3 & 4

Can’t Touch This


Outrage of modesty cases are constantly rising in Singapore. Although everyone know such acts are wrong, some think that they can get away with by doing it covertly in crowded areas. 


It is time to remove the “cover” perpetrators use, crowds. 


Can’t Touch This is a campaign that not only aims to raise awarness on increasing outrage of modesty cases but also encourage a culture of looking out for one another. The campaign will focuses on areas with high outrage of modesty rates, like  the MRT station and cabin. It will be executed via advertising and a mobile application.

You can view the showreel through the link below:

“Can’t Touch This”



The advertising for the campaign is inspired by the notices and warning signs we often see in MRT stations and cabins. Through personal observation, I realised there were a lot of signs for a variety of things, ranging from “watching the gap” to “no durians on board”. However, there was never a sign of “no molestation”.

Since some people do not have the basic human decency to keep their hands to themselves, it is time to enforce it.

For the ambient advertising, warnings for “Can’t Touch This” will be added to current signs found in MRT stations and trains.

Print advertising will also be placed on train doors to further communicate the “Can’ Touch This” movement as well as direct audiences to download the mobile application. Motion graphics that showed no touching will also be played on the screens on station platforms and cabins.

You can view the full posters through the link below:

“Can’t Touch This Posters”


Mobile Application

The mobile application aims to cultivate looking out for each other during peak periods on public transport. The application’s main features consist of the Snap!, Help! and Caught! pages.

The Snap! feature allows one to quickly snap an evidential picture of an act of outrage of modesty and post it online to the Caught! page, a real-time feed of acts of outrages happening. This acts as a deterrent to potential perpetrators as well as a warning for potential victims who may be in the vicinity.

The Help! feature is an alarm system that will go off once activated, it will also alert authorities to the scene.