A New Language of Form

Presentation on A New Language of Form


Our presentation was conducted during the Week 3 lesson of Graphic Form. We shared with our fellow classmates how the New Language of Form emerged during the post WWI period and how its influences have made an impact from then until the world we live in today.

Our presentation focused mainly on the two key art movements that developed during the period, Russian Suprematism and Constructivism and De Stijl, which originated from Dutch. We explained their origins and history of each movement with visual examples of artists and their artworks. We hope that our presentation gave our classmates a deeper understanding and appreciation for these art movements.

Below is a picture of the class activity we held. We packaged a piece of white paper with colourful cut paper shapes to the class and gave them the freedom to create their very own Constructivist or De Stijl!

You can view our presentation through the link below:

A New Language of Form Presentation


A group effort with:

Cheryn & Hui Qin