Form and Visualisation Final Assignment



“In”, like its name, encourages people to come in and immerse themselves with nature and design.

The two organic shaped buildings in “In”, were created with a minimalist style and approach in order for them to stay subtle, giving the exterior nature elements the main focus of the space.

The larger building in “In” is an Environment Design museum that will exhibit and feature design works of environmental sustainability, while the small building will be a reception space. The exterior area is meant for the people to simply enjoy the natural elements while relaxing.


You can view my Design Report through the link below:

“Design Report”


Form and Visualisation Assignment 3

Form Making


Orthographic Drawings




Final Model


This assignment was a new experience for me. I have never really made a model before, I had always used photoshop to composite fake model instead. It was a really tedious and time-consuming process, however, the results made it all worth it. Being able to hold and feel what I had imagined in my head whilst drawing the sketches was pretty incredible. I also gained a new appreciation for the surfaces of objects. After sanding my model for days and nights, I was impressed by my own efforts on how smooth I could make the finishing hahaha!

Through this assignment, I learnt the difference between scale in two dimensional and three-dimensional objects. When I sketched out my model in for the orthographic drawing the overall size of my model seemed right, but after building the model, with much sanding, the model still seemed rather big for a hairdryer. This made me understand the reason for building a model and the importance of it.

Form and Visualisation Assignment 2

Ideation Sketches


When initially tasked to come up with 40 ideation sketches, I was pretty lost and did not really know where to start and how to come up with ways to transform the already pretty “perfect” hairdryer I had. Thus, I took to the internet to look at various industrial and product designer ideation sketches, this showed me how rough ideation sketches could be and how ideation sketches were simply visuals of whatever went through one’s mind when looking at the object. I started to look out for objects in my every day that had unique and shapes, I would then take a photo of them and incorporate their elements in my sketches later on. Before I knew it I had already completed my 40 sketches! I was being inspired by things all around me, like tennis rackets, kitchen strainers and even dog walkers!

From this assignment, I think my biggest takeaway is learning to let go and be free. As a designer, we should not hold back our ideas simply because it may already be common or look rather “lame”. It is with these initial ideas that will help us develop our designs to be greater. Additionally, I also learned that there are two ways that one could ideate product sketches, number one, adapting the original form and number two, focusing on the purpose of the object. 


Learnings aside, here are my ideation sketches!