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History Of Design Reflection

Writing to Typography


In the first lecture, we learned about how type first came about and how they have evolved over the centuries. It was interesting to see how the environment and advancement of each era influenced the evolution of type, from simple carvings on the wall to ink on parchment followed by the great innovation of the printing press on paper.


Letterpress Printing

Through the lecture, letterpress printing was something that really piqued my interest. Letterpress printing is the technique of relief printing using a printing press, it was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in the mid 15th century and remained a widely used technique until the second half of the 20th century. Not only did the invention make printing more efficient, but it also allowed the greater spread of communication materials. I believe this invention truly shaped the way we design type today.



Additionally, it is also really impressive how letterpress printing has been revived in this age as an artisanal form. Even in Singapore, there are multiple printing studios that focus on the craft of letterpress printing such as The Gentlemen’s Press and The Fingersmith Letterpress. It is great to see these traditional form of printing carry on a legacy, continuing to inspire the next generations of designers.