in Micro-Project 1 – Creating the Third Space

Micro Project 1

Creating the Third Space


Why did you choose this space or object to photograph? 

Upon my first semester at ADM, this place has become a significant place for me. A place which became my escape from long dreadful classes, a place of refuge from hours of burning the midnight oil for submissions, a place where my friends and I could relax and laugh about our day. It was a place that literally filled me with warmth. 

This place is none other than the sandwich vending machine. That ninety-second wait for a piece of warmth would get me through the toughest days.


What are some of the characteristics of this alternative virtual space you had created collectively? 

Some characteristics of this alternative virtual space are its mysteriousness, ambiguousness and abstractness. From an outsider’s point of view, this collection of images may appear as rather odd and random as viewers do not understand the spaces captured and the meaning they hold.


Under what circumstance will this alternative virtual space change? 

This alternative virtual space may change when the creators of the space move on from ADM. Regardless of how much one may love ADM, let’s face it nobody wants to be here forever. When the time comes, we the creators will graduate and move out of the school, ADM will no longer be the same without us. The space will change.

Another circumstance that would cause space to change is when physical attributes of the space changes. For example, when furniture gets shifted around, or when ADM undergoes renovation.

The last circumstance which would cause the space to change is time. “Time stops for no one”. As time passes, our memories fade. What we remember and feel about the space changes with our new experiences in life.


How does this project relate to what we discussed in the lecture regarding co-creation, the concept of Do-It-Yourself (DIY), Do-It-With-Others (DIWO)?

In this project, we were able to experience both the concept of DIY and DIWO.

Deciding on an individual space to capture gave us the opportunity to conceptualise our own view of the space and use our own experience and emotions. Everyone’s image was unique and different even when two individuals may have decided to capture the same space. What the space meant to them influence how they captured it.

We also got to experience DIWO as we create the collective Instagram feed under the #1010adm. Although the images are different, they make up a cohesive virtual space that becomes a united story for all of us. The collection of images represents us as a whole.



  1. Good analysis of DIY & DIWO. Could you upload larger documentation images and also include a featured image for your post.