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It’s 2020, and despite how the year has been, we can’t deny society’s progression for equal rights although nowhere near perfect. That said, why doesn’t Mother Nature have rights? She’s unable to speak for herself, yet we ignore the fact and take advantage of it. But what if Mother Nature was human?

My idea is to depict Mother Nature twenty first century woman figure in this century, standing up for herself in a nature-filled environment she deserves.


Singapore is labelled as a “Garden City” and has always been under control and well maintained However, due to the lockdown, maintenance dialled back and nature went wild. It was an unusual sight to see wildflowers and tall grass beside our urban landscape. 

My idea is to embrace this “wild” side of Singapore, appreciating how wildlife can live in harmony with humans.



Creationism is the religious belief that nature, and aspect such as the Universe, Earth, life and humans, originated with the supernatural acts of divine creation. And that one act has seemed to mess up with nature pretty badly.

My idea is to take a glimpse of a time where humans and nature lived in harmony and respect by recreating the Garden of Eden with the hint of the modern era.


You can view the presentation through the link below:

“Research Presentation”