in Task 2_Infographic Poster_Final artwork

Visual Communication II Task 2

Visualising Data

Infographic Poster

The term “Outrage of modesty” is a formal term used to describe the act of molestation. Such acts can happen anywhere, anytime and to anyone. Unfortunately, such acts have been on the rise in Singapore and more and more Singaporeans have fallen prey to molesters. Worse still, through my survey, I conducted I found out how unaware and uneducated Singaporeans are to this pressing issue. Using the information I collected, I created my infographic.

The concept of my infographic was inspired by caution and warning signs. This represented how alarming and crucial the rise of outrage of modesty cases in Singapore is. I used bright yellow in contrast with black and white along with bold illustrations to create a strong appeal for viewers. The headline “Please Do Not Touch” was meant to give a hint into the topic of molestation as well as a play on typical sign copy.