[EI] An experiment in Social Broadcasting

Posted by Balachander Prashanthi on Thursday, 18 January 2018

Social broadcasting was really fun! It was nice getting out of class and videoing everything, which is what I do pretty much everyday with Snapchat, but for shorter durations of 2-5 seconds. I was very conscious of what I was saying and how I was behaving. I got to experience indeterminacy first hand, with me running into Daniel, my debate partner, towards the end of the broadcast – he’s not from ADM and it was a pleasant surprise seeing him.

It was a bit thrilling knowing that I was being broadcast, because it was possible that Facebook friends, most of whom I’ve not spoken to in years, could see what I was doing and how I looked like. This was in stark contrast to everyday life where I pretty much only interact with a handful of people on a daily basis. This tied in to the concept of global communication that Prof Packer was discussing earlier on; indeed, with the internet as a platform for social broadcasting, I’m not confined to a physical room.

Here’s a link to the video wall!: https://thirdspacenetwork.com/public-video-wall/ 🙂

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