Month: March 2018

Micro Project 5: Research Critique 3

  VIDEO The video footage for micro project 5 has been uploaded above for easier reference.   SUMMARY   The summary of micro project 5: Art of Destruction can be found here in my other post.   Embracing Problems, Inconsistencies & Accidents   As my group and I went through with this micro project, we realised that it was physically impossible… Read more →

Micro Project 5: The Art of Destruction

  Members involved within micro project 5 include: Clara, Felicia, Jingyi & Karen   VIDEO Attached below is a video footage of destruction taking place within the forms and limitations of paper origami.   SUMMARY   With this given micro project, we decided upon taking the medium of a single sheet of a4 paper. The origami we decided to fold… Read more →

Foam Mobile Phone Dock

    With this project, we were tasked to create a mobile phone dock that consisted of the basic functions: speakers, ability for the phone to fit into the product, & a charging port.   BRAINSTORMING    Below are some rough ideas that I had come up with when thinking about mobile phone docks. Instead of thinking about the design… Read more →

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