Month: September 2018

History of Design: Hyperessay (Process, Final)

    [ Introduction to Kara Walker ]       [ Introduction to Darkytown Rebellion ]   With this final hyperessay assignment, I decided to focus on an artwork belonging to the contemporary ages — Kara Walker’s Darkytown Rebellion (2001). With this installation art, the artist brings about the issue of, while also raising questions regarding racism and race… Read more →

Project 2: Field Trip Research

  To start off project 2, Michael arranged for our class to visit Singapore’s National Design Centre. The field trip helped us to observe the various types of design practices that has taken place in our country, from past to present. There were many disciplines displayed there including; Visual Communications (VC), Product and Industrial Design (PI), Fashion and Accessories (FA),… Read more →

Deconstructivism: Post Presentation Essay

  Jacques Derrida, a French philosopher, was known for his criticism in regards to the relationship between a subject and its intrinsic meaning. This was applied within the literature field, as he deeply questioned the idea of self-attaching and associating meaning to text or information that had no prior, fixed definition. Derrida decided to coin this philosophical concept as, ‘Deconstructivism’,… Read more →

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