Assignment 01: Creative Industry Report


Creative Industry Report

Sha’an D’anthes is a 27 year old artist, author and illustrator based in Sydney, Australia. Within the creative scene, the artist first grew to become an internet sensation from her teenage days.  Sha’an is mostly recognised by others through the moniker ‘Furry Little Peach,’ alongside her illustrative talent that is more often than not, featuring nature and wildlife in whimsical colours and compositions. Furry Little Peach often focuses on applying textures and grains within her work through use of watercolour paints and brushes, crayons and colour pencils. Her illustrations are brought to life with vibrant colours, evoking nostalgia within people of all ages, as she creates thematic imagery surrounding childlike wonder and imagination.

Recent prominent works of the artist include picture books with her rising career as an author and illustrator. To date, she has published Zoom (2017) and just last month, Bandits (2020) – both original narratives that evoke strong characteristics and illustration that appeals to the wider audience, making it an enjoyable read for all. What makes Sha’an truly remarkable as a creative, within the industry especially, is placing herself and her work in a transparent light, giving other creatives alike out there the opportunity to relate in certain situations. Such would include, times when she’d come to a creative mind block. Sha’an would give her social media followers a run down of what issue she was facing, while bringing us about the process she’d take in order to get back on her feet. Sometimes ugly situations happen, and she ensures that it’s simply okay. The artist is more than honest about her design process, providing many tips and tricks for her community of followers and is open to answering questions from the public. Sha’an is community driven and wishes to bring about engagement within her followers base by providing video resources such as Do It Yourself, Studio setup on her youtube channel. She wishes to bring about open communication and progressiveness within the creative industry by collaborating with partners such as Adobe and bringing about free colouring pages, thereby encouraging participation in the arts from a very young age.

Another aspect that drew me towards Sha’an’s work, was really her interest in using illustration as a medium to call out for change. Her work for the Netflix documentary, Chasing Coral, was used as a teaser video that brought awareness to the series’ subject – the ongoing degradation of marine ecosystems. Cleverly, Sha’an used the performance of the process and in a reversed video, demonstrated the disappearance of coral reefs overtime. Her usage of colours came into play at the video’s beginning, ending the video with bleach white coral reefs; signifying a real dull world for marine ecosystems with the pace that nature is declining in health. 

Sha’an D’Anthes, or Furry Little Peach, a creative filled to the brim with passion, is one that the world really needs to take note of. She is constantly doing greater things for the world, community and herself. Her rise to fame the past few years, have merely shown how capable she is as an artist and how much she will continuously grow in the future.

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