Category: Micro-Project

Micro Project 6

  For Micro Project 6, I was grouped with Fizah, Minjee, Tanya & Yuolmae. We are Tangy Young Classy Fine Mingoes. Our task was to create a Facebook page and for 24 hours of an appointed day, agreed upon by everyone, post updates about whatever it is we were doing. With each group, we were allowed to set our own… Read more →

Micro Project 7: Video Selfie

  With this micro project, I decided to reenact the performance of a famous mime, Marcel Marceau. The performance is known as ‘The Mask Maker’ and it was performed in the year 1959. He uses silence as a core element within his work; portraying his actions and feelings through multiple facial expressions instead of words. His facial expressions are extremely… Read more →

Micro Project 5: The Art of Destruction

  Members involved within micro project 5 include: Clara, Felicia, Jingyi & Karen   VIDEO Attached below is a video footage of destruction taking place within the forms and limitations of paper origami.   SUMMARY   With this given micro project, we decided upon taking the medium of a single sheet of a4 paper. The origami we decided to fold… Read more →

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