Category: History of Design – G2

History of Design: Hyperessay (Process, Final)

    [ Introduction to Kara Walker ]       [ Introduction to Darkytown Rebellion ]   With this final hyperessay assignment, I decided to focus on an artwork belonging to the contemporary ages — Kara Walker’s Darkytown Rebellion (2001). With this installation art, the artist brings about the issue of, while also raising questions regarding racism and race… Read more →

Deconstructivism: Post Presentation Essay

  Jacques Derrida, a French philosopher, was known for his criticism in regards to the relationship between a subject and its intrinsic meaning. This was applied within the literature field, as he deeply questioned the idea of self-attaching and associating meaning to text or information that had no prior, fixed definition. Derrida decided to coin this philosophical concept as, ‘Deconstructivism’,… Read more →

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