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Image Making Through Type: Artist Research

    In this post, I will be sharing the artist and his works which greatly influenced me for my first final project: Image Making Through Type. The artist which I will be introducing is John Ed De Vera, a multidisciplinary designer based in Manila, Philippines. However, his notable strength would definitely be through paper cut as an artistic medium… Read more →

Micro Project 7: Video Selfie

  With this micro project, I decided to reenact the performance of a famous mime, Marcel Marceau. The performance is known as ‘The Mask Maker’ and it was performed in the year 1959. He uses silence as a core element within his work; portraying his actions and feelings through multiple facial expressions instead of words. His facial expressions are extremely… Read more →

Micro Project 5: Research Critique 3

  VIDEO The video footage for micro project 5 has been uploaded above for easier reference.   SUMMARY   The summary of micro project 5: Art of Destruction can be found here in my other post.   Embracing Problems, Inconsistencies & Accidents   As my group and I went through with this micro project, we realised that it was physically impossible… Read more →

Project 3 EGO: Development & Final

  This final post on Project 3, Ego In Different Settings, will conclude my journey of semester one’s foundation 2D 🙁 .   Brief Overall Concept My overall take on this project includes negativeness and its influences on positiveness as well as the other way around. I have employed the elongation of arms in at least one of my images… Read more →

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