Locale I Presentation: Research & Final




PROCESS: Modes of Research

Primary Research

Personal interview questions with those at the site itself

Crowd count within significant sites at SCAPE

Evaluating clothing & accessory prices

Description of SCAPE’s infrastructure: how is it designed to facilitate certain behaviours

Secondary Research

Researching SCAPE’s directory provided on their website and categorising the shops into broad groups

Online related articles that describe how SCAPE’s infrastructure and facilities have changed according to the preferences of the Singaporean youth community.

Human resource article over the past few years on how many youths have visited, how many events they have worked with, etc.

SCAPE website: their mission, values and what they believe in + other information regarding the non-profit organisation


Presentation Set Up

(Not in Order for Final Presentation)

  1. What is youth?
  2. An introduction to SCAPE (Part of it including a 2015 article from Straits Times that SCAPE’s infrastructure is constantly developed to fulfil the needs of Singaporean youths)
  3. Statistical information regarding previous year’s review: number of youths engaged & developed with SCAPE’s programmes and events
  4. Introducing survey done: ages (21-25) = 64.5%, ages (17-20) = 32.3%, ages (26-30) = 3.2%. Top purposes of visiting SCAPE as well as crowd count… start to focus upon the more significant sites within SCAPE that is more popular amongst visitors
  5. # of people who head to SCAPE for the purpose of shopping (how many %); SCAPE Underground: Average clothing & accessories pricing
  6. Categorise SCAPE’s directory
  7. Facilities & building structure: How dancers began gathering in front of black reflective windows – Interviewed dancers at SCAPE; their personal feelings; personal observation… groups of 5 are commonly seen; big groups making use of huge surface area (introduction of mirrors); introduce how SCAPE is made known to people through communication between friends; friends are brought there (infrastructure of SCAPE includes circular shaped seating that promotes gatherings


One-to-one Interview Response Notes

When do you visit SCAPE: Weekly

Purpose of SCAPE visit: Visits mostly to dance

SCAPE is more appealing because… it is quieter & less crowded

Adjectives to describe SCAPE with: Convenient

When do you visit SCAPE: Holiday period 2 times a week

Purpose of SCAPE visit: Dance

SCAPE is more appealing because… A lot of dancers, it is a general hub for dancers & there are conducive mirrors and wide space

Adjectives to describe SCAPE with: Vibrant

When do you visit SCAPE: School is not available

Purpose of SCAPE visit: Near their school & to dance

SCAPE is more appealing because… there are mirrors & not as dusty

Adjectives to describe SCAPE with: Convenient, central

Other comments: People come from different parts of Singapore. It makes it easier for them to come to SCAPE because of its location in the central.


SCAPE Underground: Summary of # of people who passed by us as we stood, unmoving on one spot

Youths (15-25) – 37

Working Class (25-40) – 19

Elderly (40-55) – 2



Questions For Thought




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