Micro Project 6


For Micro Project 6, I was grouped with Fizah, Minjee, Tanya & Yuolmae.

We are Tangy Young Classy Fine Mingoes.

Our task was to create a Facebook page and for 24 hours of an appointed day, agreed upon by everyone, post updates about whatever it is we were doing. With each group, we were allowed to set our own intervals when it came to posting a status update or photo.


We decided upon March 6th, 2018 and had to carry this experiment out during recess week.


Click here to check out our Facebook page!



Our group had the following rules established:

  1. Post an update every 30 minute interval
  2. Have or make a conversation on any post update
  3. Use a variety of ways to make your post update interesting




At the very beginning, everybody was quite enthusiastic about posting their status updates. About 8 hours later, the same couldn’t be said. There were many posts coming in the first few hours; having more than one every 30 minutes interval. After a while, it just became a bother when we started getting into our busy lives. I personally, got irritated by the fact that I would nearly miss each interval since I could barely concentrate on what I was doing as it is. It was as though my mind was neither here nor there and all I could think about was: Did I miss my 30 minute queue?


I was unconsciously, constantly forced to check my phone for the time and it soon became a bother to think of new ways to make my updates more appealing; appearance wise. I first started out with text updates, followed by photographs, videos and then 360 degree views of my environment. I began to want to allow the audience I was interacting with, to sense the environment I was also in, since it did become bothersome to explain my surroundings. To me, the less text the better. The 360 degree view did all the work that my mouth did not have to do through speech.


It got to the point that Fizah had to remind me about every 30 minutes that passed because on that exact day itself, we decided to pay a visit to an art history museum for our upcoming presentation. It was extremely difficult to concentrate and take in the new material before us because we were constantly interrupted by this mental reminder to post. I ended up getting paranoid; enabling me to post at least 10 minutes before each 30 minutes interval at the museum since I was fearful about the disorganisation with my posts.


Overall, I felt that my own persona was shown through social media. I wasn’t afraid to share anything of mine but I was more willing to show off things that I did love; such as my dog which I brought on a walk.


Maybe if we had run this exercise differently; a status update once every 2 hours or so… I feel that it would’ve ran much smoother. Posts may have been more meaningful instead of having random posts updated overtime in order to make it to every 30 minute interval. However, lengthen times would allow us to miss out a lot on our other peers’ lives.




Comments were coming in willingly & conversations were easily formed






Everybody was basically drained & it was obvious that nobody wanted to continue with the experiment. It got to the point that scheduled posts were involved in updates



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