Project 2: The Sling Bag


With this final project, I wanted to create a bag which placed functionality as its main priority. I greatly focused upon what I personally felt needed to be changed within the bags that I own, in order to suit my carrier needs. Thus, the combination of what I desired to be included in my ideal messenger bag became the inspiration to the execution.

Initially, I had 3 sketch designs that I considered executing. Pictures of the 3 sketch designs are included as below.








I finally decided upon the messenger bag as I felt that it was much more convenient to the physical structure of the human body than a bag pack. I then, took the bag pack as another inspiration of mine. Bag packs are known to have structured compartments that help keep things organised. Instead of creating a typical messenger bag, I decided to create a two-piece product that uses all areas to its advantage.The design I have come up with, is based on issues I’ve had with the current sling bags that I own. For this project, I decided on creating new innovative ways of storage throughout the bag’s different areas. I have always wanted to bring along my personal belongings as well as some of my stationary whenever I’m out, yet the typical bags that I do carry out only allow one or the other. As a design student, I’d want to carry out a small notepad or notebook as well as a pen to jot down any random ideas that might pop up while I’m out. Other things I feel as though has been a hassle, would be finding a place that is safe as well as convenient for the placement of my keys and transport card. This way, I wouldn’t have to rummage through my bag for it, while at the same time, thinking I had lost them. With the inner lining of the bag’s exterior component, I have designed organised sections to place these specific items.


The suede-like material of the bag’s circular component demonstrates a sense of luxury. In it, contains your most important belongings which may include: wallet, house keys, etc. That way, there is a separation between what is often and not often looked for when rummaging through your bag. The use of leather material on the exterior demonstrates a sense of toughness; as if a protective cover over the suede’s softness. The outer design of the bag is plain and simple, allowing the bag the ability to match with almost any day outfit. The handle of the bag is simply made out of rope; its roughness helps to greater contrast the softer materials of leather and suede in the other components. The use of rope screams out durability especially since the handle would be the part worn and used most when considering the bag’s components. The bag’s overall aesthetics is based on a scale from softness, to toughness and finally, roughness. There is a carefully thought-out process as to how the bag can be placed together as a whole, with the wide range of materials that are defined by their textures.


With this product, the user can create customisable combinations based on their personal taste. The set of a circular structure as well as the geometrical exterior can be paired with one another. If a looser look of a bag is desired, the circular structure can be completely removed, and thus, the exterior can be carried in a hobo manner.


*Each component of the prototype is created with art card paper, later covered by the usage of actual materials for better visualisation as to what the actual product would look like.


Materials Used

Circular Structure – Suede

Exterior Structure – Leather

Carrier Handle – Rope
















Model: Jun Ming Teo



Zipper in Action



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