Project 2: Visual Research


While conducting research online on the existing Singapore Design Week posters for the upcoming Project 2, I found two which I had taken a liking to. Attached below are posters, which I felt, had helped to embody the spirit of Singapore Design Week in a positive manner with as little words as possible.





The poster that seemed more appealing to me, would have to be the one portrayed within the last two images.

It demonstrates usage of both abstract and recognisable objects within its composition. Variety of bright and pop-like colors and usage of organic, fluid shapes incorporated within the poster, helps promote Singapore Design Week as an event that is original and full of activity. The emotion conveyed would be joyous due to the splattering effect of huge areas covered in color, which are laid out all over the poster. It is evident that the event’s important details have taken center stage (central composition) within the obvious negative space. The text is written in a neutral white, which illuminates against the cool and duller green background. Also, the event’s name uses a rather common font, standing out amongst the design’s complexity. It also limits its usage for color with a minimum of 2, contrasting the neutral white with a bright, neon pink, making the text stand out even more. The poster is designed cleverly in that elements associated with the event, such as food and drinks, are legible to the viewer even as it is incorporated into the complexity of the design. The event’s details are simple in detail yet to the point, with hints of a varying color, to promote excitability.

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