It was a monumental task to follow in the spirit of Jebra’s world, but it was made less daunting by first looking at the worlds that are similar to hers.


This is Firewatch, a first person game where the player inhabits a vast and lonely world, tasked to spot fires wherever they may spring up in the summer heat. I borrowed from the mood of the lands and character design for Merta the nomad.


Desert landscapes are often bleak and rugged, and from this environment I wanted to create the Capital where Merta was abducted and taken to.


I also referred to Middle Eastern architecture for inspiration to craft the world of Njouri. The ancient city of Istanbul has majestic temples, including the Hagia Sofia. Istanbul is in the Middle East, where the architects have built structures to cope with the heat and dust of the desert. They tend to be broad and flat, with rounded semi domes to allow convection currents to keep cool air in and warm air out.


I also referred to the Jedi’s robes for inspiration for Njouri. They are simple, plain and highly functional to shield against buffeting desert winds and the fabric loose enough to prevent the body from overheating.