Category: Process

Task 3: Final Designs

From the previous 2 designs, I reduced the number of elements in the logo and sought to combine both ideas. The biggest challenge I faced were to incorporate elements of the previous 2 drafts into the final versions.

I started working with a pink background as i felt it would complement well with the teal vests given to volunteers.  The lighthouse made way for a more abstract form that resembled the sails of a ship. I morphed the pencil head of the previous logoform into the tip of a brush. I retained the eye in the logoform to make it come alive, imbuing it with a life of its own. This created movement and dynamism in the logoform.

In greyscale, the colours are more muted, but it was still very visible and contrasted well with the background. The form can be analysed objectively from colour, and the way the brushtip rode the skateboard with an upward movement made it fun.

I made another draft in a different color, without the eye.

This design looks less ambiguous after the removal of the eye, and thus won’t be misconstrued as a bird. As blue is the color of wisdom and reliability, it will complement well with the bold, energetic orange, pink and purple of the logoform and type, symbolising vitality.

Research for Logo Design: NTF Hospital

Before embarking on our first VC project for this semester, I did some research on logos and identity.

I chose this book as it had a wide range of logos created by notable designers. Companies like NBC network and Martha Stewart co. were notable clients. It also included the thought process that went behind the ideation.

This page illustrated the different types of logos and possibilities of each type.

This page defined the logo and its purpose.

I like the designer’s approach to break down the logo and create something new out of the deconstructed form. It was clean, minimal and effective.

This caught my attention as I realised the possibilities of scaling up a logo into an abstract watermark. Its versatility appealed to me as much as its Impressionistic style aka Georges Seurat.

The playfulness of this brand is unique; the logotype appeals just as much as Pacman does. The color scheme is also bright and cheery, with the added design possibility of converting it into an exclamation mark.

I like the use of font as well as negative space in this logotype. The 3-dimentional logotype also looks good as a backdrop, reiterating the dynamism of this company.

The color scheme works, along with the contrast between navy blue and white type.

This is one of my favourite packaging designs in this book as it creates an image in consumers’ minds. It creates an evocative mood.

The semi abstract forms have a cutout effect that showcases the rawness and expressiveness of the brand and its event, similar to the Apple ipod ads in the early 2000s.

This VISA moodboard shows how colour alone can create so many expressions of the brand.

This clipping mask technique can be emulated for a cinematic effect.

Again, a design built out of coloured dots. It seems to reinforce the KISS rule.

One of my favourite brand designs of all time, I love how the brand conveys the classiness of the restaurant effortlessly. The type, subtle curves and motifs makes for a visual treat.

Love the simplicity and imagery associated with these 2 logos.

Love how the grid was used for this poster. The neon vibes rock.

The ideation process for NBC was initially a rainbow before it became a peacock.

Very smart way of looking at things.