EGO Egg Rolls (Final)


So this is the board I’ll use to present. Let me upload the soft copy of the final pieces:


I am a giant flying space butt


When I approach a planet I trust


I release the negative toxins held in

I am a balloon floating in space


When someone is accomplishing higher than me


I shoot myself down

I am a satellite that reads wrong information


Given enough time and space


I crash and burn into another planet

I am a chill little chameleon


But when I’m thrown into a foreign planet


I camouflage nervously

Final showcase



All along, I know I am weak at colours. I don’t understand colours, and I don’t have the patience to tune it properly to fit a look. I get triggered when I see the colour balancing bar (ctrl + B in photoshop if you know what I mean).

I have very little affinity with colours. I always pick the wrong ones, always can’t figure out what’s good with what, even though I used colour theory and picked a decent colour scheme. Like, somehow, they will go wrong (example, last row, last panel)

So, I just know how bad I am at colours.

But, I’m trying hard. To compensate for the lack of knowledge in colours, I use my concepts. I tie the panels together so I can unite them, in overall I will use less colours so it won’t throw me off.

What did I learn from this project? Definitely better understanding of colours, colour schemes. I won’t say that I didn’t know colour theory before, but I’m definitely better at it now.

I also got friends to help me judge my work, but I asked them too late before I can do anything because submission is near so I can’t edit. Their comments are painful because I suddenly see the flaws in my work, my colours suck. But they really gave very helpful comments to improve myself. I wish I asked earlier so I can change it. Anyway, what I learnt here is to get feedbacks early.

Overall, it is fun to express myself through these panels. I wish to get more personal (actually I already am) with this project, but I shouldn’t share too much ahahahhahahahahaha

I hope you guys enjoyed the butt drawing. Peace out. *putttttttttttttt*

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