Proposal for Web Design

Personal Portfolio

I would like to design a personal portfolio website to help me with my future endeavours in the design world. I aim to use this platform to display my works and perhaps processes in an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand manner. To do this, I hope to use intuitive layouts and intuitive interactions to provide a comfortable experience when browsing my website.

But first, who am I as a person?

In order to build a website that cater to my needs, I need an understanding of what I want. But the thing is, it is hard to know what you really want. So I need a moodboard and some inspirations to work with first.

But generally…

I am a 24 year old Interactive designer that is interested in Experience design and analog interfaces. I am currently studying in NTU School of Art, Design, and Media, graduating in 2021. I love what I am doing now, and I wish to improve further in my knowledge in the field and the things I can do.

I am a sucker for vintage technology. I love turntables, cassette players, radios, anything with clunky loud buttons. I guess I like tactile / haptic responses a lot. I can include these buttons explicitly within my sites, or maybe some kind of lowkey versions of those so it simulates the haptic experience but does not aesthetically look like a 70s ripoff (which kind of troubles me).

I also like to be as maximalist as possible without hindering usability, as I like to press many things. But in a portfolio, it should not look too complicated so I shall see if I can make this a reality.

I like music that is kind of funky, synthy, melodic, or jazzy, I also like cafe music that isn’t pop, and and and I also like music that gives off summer vibes. Perhaps I can include that in as well.

What will be on my page:

Home, About (with biography, past achievements, etc), Works (essentially portfolio), fun area (may not include if it takes too much, basically a space for people to play) , (what I am working on currently? / processes?), Contact

Next step: I need references, moodboard, and a timeline.

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