Manifesto – Do Not Make Fiction

Art will always be fiction, no matter how close to reality it will be, while design will always be a piece of reality to consumers, whether invisible or not. Do not make fiction.

Do not create works that, despite speaking so much, might as well spoke nothing. Do not make works with shallow ideas that has almost no meaningful impact, backed up by information that seems to make sense, but is inherently pointless. Do not justify your work with outdated ideas or the ‘-isms’, or get so inspired by them that you lose yourself. Instead, be mindful to your surroundings as to what is purposeful and reasonable, conserve precious resources, and create works that have zero bullshit, like the Droog or the Super Normal. Take the leap of faith and believe in yourself and the influence that speaks to you the most.

History progresses to bring us contemporary work practices, like how Dadaists created artworks to fight oppression, Constructivists made their artworks with a social purpose, or how Bauhaus made design user-centric the way we know today. We should only use them as lessons, not references.

We shall not be artists, we shall be designers.