Party in the Quantum Realm – Media Art Nexus Final Submission

By Bryan Leow & Vanessa Wong

You’re cordially invited to our quantum house party! Inspired by the idea of the superposition principle, party guests and objects here do not adhere to physics as we know it. In this house party, while the rooms are entangled to one another, the guests exist in different states at the same time – however when finally being observed, only one state will remain.

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Party In The Quantum Realm – Media Art Nexus

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Supernatural Entanglement

What is Quantum Mechanics?

Quantum Entanglement

Main properties of Quantum Mechanics:

  1. Quantum Entanglement – Two interacting particles can become entangled where both affect each other’s state of spin at the instance of being measured even if they are separated by space and time. A particle’s measurement will definitely result in the opposite result in the other.
  2. Quantum Superposition – Particles are in an uncertain state of spin until it is observed (AKA chimology term: collapse of wave function), in which this case means being measured through the passing of a filter.
  3. Probability Wave – Quantum particles are governed by probability, and its probabilistic nature behave like waves. When conducting a Double-Slit Experiment, results present in a pattern that is a property of a wave entering two slits. This is interesting as something intangible is behaving in a familiar pattern we can observe — a wave.
  4. Wave / Particle Duality – Particles behaves like waves and particles at the same time. Particle — travels in a straight line. Wave — emits / absorbs energy.
  5. Quantum Leap – Electrons exists in a superposition, they are not visible until one finds it. They only exists in a field surrounding an atom. When an electron gets excited by energy, it absorbs it and teleports itself into a higher state, and when it releases energy, it moves into a lower state.


I like to look into the properties of Quantum Mechanics, rather than its application. Look at it raw and turn them into tangible ideas and patterns that easily gives us an idea of what it is.

My research are all from videos as I have grown to trust these Youtube channels that have always given really interesting and insightful discussion on such topics. In this playlist, there are videos from the following channels:

  1. Kurzgesagt – Science, economic, historic, and philosophical topics animated in a visually appealing way that allows us to visualise them easily

    Kurzgesagt Youtube Channel
  2. VSauce – Quirky channel that discusses and explains a broad topic in an interesting perspective

    Michael Stevens from VSauce
  3. Veritasium – Science channel that explains very in depth on science topics (somewhat dry)

    Veritasium Youtube Channel

Youtube Playlist


Concept Ideas

  1. The Entangled ‘I’
    Untitled, 2016 by Gabriel Isak

    In this idea, I wish to explore the idea of the particles in a body being entangled to some objects around the world. I have two sub ideas from this concept:

    • The Other ‘I’In this idea, two person are connected through their entangled quantum states. I’d like to branch further into perhaps a connection between different dimensions within a story about two quantumly-bound characters in different dimensions living their entangled lives. I’ll play with the idea of soulmates and the idea of multi-verses.I am deeply inspired by the game ‘Bioshock Infinite’ which included the idea of quantum superposition as part of a gameplay mechanic.
      Power up infusions that can be found at specific locations in the game ‘Bioshock Infinite’ which is stuck in a superposition between these 3 power ups until the player chooses the power up they want.

      The concept was also inspired by two characters in the game, the Luteces, who are scientists and are actually the same person who existed in different dimensions.

      The Luteces in Bioshock Infinite Game

      – body parts
      – particles (stippling)

    • Other Objects
      In this idea, a person has their particles entangled to many other everyday object, which he chooses to purchase in the supermarket. This idea is inspired by artist Chirashi bomb’s ‘sorry 4 the inconvenience caused‘ zine where an ‘inconvenience store’ exists to cause you inconvenient foodstuffs.

      Chirashi Bomb’s ‘Sorry for the Inconvenience’ zine


  2. Death & Life
    The Buddhist’s Wheel of Life depicts Life, Death, and Afterlife


    • Death and Life are two entangled entities. Properties of Death is the opposite of Life and vice versa. Where there’s Death, there is no Life, and vice versa. A balance, like quantum entanglement.
    • Death (or non existence) is absolute and clear — if something doesn’t exist, it just doesn’t exist. Thus, Death (or non existence) represents the end result of a quantum superposition, just like how when we measure a particle, we become absolutely certain of its location and properties.
    • Life is a superposition. We don’t know where we will go, what we will do tomorrow, what choices we will make. We also don’t even know if we are truly alive (what is the definition of being alive when we are all made of dead things? If one is brain dead but is still kept alive by a machine, is the person still alive?) As such, life is a very uncertain thing and as such represents superposition.
    • The journey between Life and Death is a wave and a particle. We, as an individual, is a particle. But we, at the same time, cause effect upon other objects or people or beings that leads to a chain effect of events — like waves. As such Life & Death is a particle/wave duality.
    • The idea of Life and Death can be quite easily represented using the Buddhist’s Wheel of Life, which depicts the different realms of the world, explaining Life, Death, and the Afterlife.Images:
      – Chinese Vampires
      – The dead
      – Demons
      – The Living
      –  Ghosts
  3. Numbers & Gamblers

    TOTO slip


    • Singaporeans like to buy 4D and TOTO (lottery). Some go out to temples to pray for numbers, some remember their encounters with numbers so that they can buy the lottery with that set of particular ‘lucky’ numbers. People usually look at patterns on fishes or rocks to find numbers, and it is very subjective. As such, I imagine the patterns to be a superposition of numbers, and the ‘luckiness’ depends on the entanglement of the number to the lottery results.
      The Luohan Fish

      – Luohan fish
      – Rocks with numbers
      – Strings
      – TOTO / 4D Slips

Artist References

Gabriel Isak

Chirashi Bomb

Kurz Gesagt

Lee Xinli

KUBO Ayako

Kazuaki Horitomo



Quantum Entanglement:




Bioshock Infinite Infusion:



Luo Han Fish:

Untitled, 2016 by Gabriel Isak:

Wheel of Life:

Chirashi Bomb:

Zhitong Yu:

Chinese myths:

Lee Xinli: