Guit4r M4st3r

This is my game, Guit4r M4st3r. Here is the opening page!

Upon pressing spacebar, you’ll move to the instructions page, which guides you through the gameplay

Pressing the spacebar through the instructions page will lead you to the game play, which starts at a countdown:



And then the game begins with some lit metal music


The player has to move QWERTY and ASDFGH to control the fingers on the string. The top row being the keys to move the respective finger up the string, the bottom row to move down. After some getting use to, the player will be able to master the technique to control.

The player have to match the “fingers” (yellow circles) with the faded yellow circles and press spacebar at the cyan part of the bottom bar to score points.



Otherwise, you get an”Uh-Oh’ and lose a health!

The overall gameplay will be somewhat like AuditionSEA, but with more buttons to press and only one speed (p.s. the speed increases over time from 1.0 to 1.6 so as to add difficulty)

Once lose, you will get a gameover page, which you can see your final score, and if you press spacebar, you will restart the game

The whole idea of the game is inspired by difficult arcade games like Flappy Bird. It is meant to be simple, though hard to play, and frustrating, but addictive. Like Flappy Bird, once the player masters the technique, the game becomes so easy that getting by is no longer the issue, and scoring the high score becomes a chore.

The aesthetics of the game is quite close to Flappy Bird’s, and even the font is from the game. I do that to draw the similarities between both arcade games.


I encountered some problems during the process of making the game. Most of them are solved, and one of them is a major one that involves me restarting the game.

Basically, the whole code would not reset my array that makes the program say “READY, SET, GO!” when i restart the game after dying. After a long time of figuring out, I finally understood why. I just needed to move a bunch of code to a different place and it worked.

Other minor problems are just me jumbling up my gamemode values which took me a long time to fix, although it is a simple problem.

One major problem that still exists now that I cannot fix is that, if I were to restart the game after gameover, the game will instantly cause an “Uh-oh” and lose a health. No matter what you do.

So I have reapplied what I learnt this term onto this game. One major take away is something that I discovered on my own (and i’m proud of it!). It is that we can control the game base on variables that are not visible on the screen. Things like ‘gamemodes’, ‘counters’, and ‘timers’ which I used extensively to make everything work with as little mess as possible. 1 value can control everything.

Final Project – Split Chef (Discussion)

that little icon at the top right ruined this picture

We have transcended through time and space to meet up in the third space — Skype. Joel happen to me unable to meet us, so we decided to conduct a skype meeting.

During our skype meeting, we discussed on the things that we have to iron out so we can move on to the final work.

  • We finalised the player roles and what kind of players we want

  • We decided on the kitchen location to be either Hannah’s (our friend) hall, or one of the hall that we are staying in. The backup plan is to actually use someone’s house.
  • Next, we asked if we should have audiences to watch our show, and allow them to comment to help the chef. I think it will be fun and engaging to both the audience, the players, and facilitators.
  • Next, we finalised on the recipe so we are sure of the ingredients to buy and the steps we have to take
  • We also planned out what kind of materials we exactly need to bring and tasked each of us to bring certain items
  • We also ironed out some of the other stuffs that may affect the game

So what’s what we have discussed over this week. We wanted to go straight to playing the game for real, but was unable to find a good time to conduct it since everyone is busy.

I’d say, we are ready for this!!! This weekend, we will bring and make the things we need and prepare for the game on the following Monday! Excited!!!

Final Project: Split Chef (Trial)

Intro on what we are doing

Our team (Brendan, Bryan, Dion, Joel) came up with a cook-off game that uses the third space as a form of communication. There will be 2 players, one will be drawing while the other will be buying the ingredients and cooking.

The two players are connected to each other through Instagram Live, which works similarly to Facebook live. The two can communicate through this third space. The facilitators will be the ones filming for the players so they can do their thing while still be communicating.

Firstly, the drawer will be given 7 seconds to draw the ingredient given. The second player will have a minute to find the item and add it into the basket. After buying all the ingredients, the buyer will go to the kitchen and the drawer will have 15 seconds to draw each step of the cooking process. The second player now will cook the food and the end results will be judged by the facilitators.

Trial Part 1 – The Groceries

So in this trial, Brendan and Dion are the facilitators while Joel and I are the players. I am the one drawing and Dion facilitates me while Joel is the buyer and Brendan facilitates him.

When BBQ sauce becomes Tabasco sauce (like c’mon guys that’s clearly a BBQ pit and spatula)


Lime! The droplets gave it away very easily
Taco wrap that looks like burger bun and Joel got it!!
Seashell pasta that became dumplings but it’s okay because this is a decoy ingredient
Tomato x 1





















Here are some screenshots of what happened. Here’re some pointers I got from this experience:

  • we initially gave the drawer 10 seconds but it was too long. We lowered it to 7 seconds so that it is still a lot of time but not too much.
  • There are some instances where the drawer need to be creative. Example (not captured in screenshots unfortunately) will be the Shiitake Mushroom. I literally drew a pile of shit and a mushroom and Joel instantly got it. It was a funny experience.
  • Joel understands a lot of the ingredients I drew which was very surprising for me! For instance, I drew the taco wrap (pic 2) and it looked like a burger bun to me. But he got that it was taco wrap for some reason. I’m guessing he guessed it based on the other ingredients that he had to buy, since he have experience in cooking. His cooking instinct made us wonder if there are other ways to team people up. (initially we wanted friend vs non-friends, but now we can consider cooks vs non cooks or something like that)
  • Joel sometimes took a long time to find the ingredient which dragged the game. We need to set a time limit for the buyer to figure out what they need to buy and find the item. This can make the outcome more interesting as, if the buyer is unable to obtain the item, the final dish will be off (and more glitched).
  • The connectivity is alright but sometimes it gets a bit pixellated

Overall, being the drawer is a very fun experience. The 7 seconds time limit and the rush to draw something meaningful to the buyer is exciting. Watching the buyer buy the food, is also fun. If the buyer gets something wrong, I laugh. If the buyer gets something right from a bad drawing, I am impressed. I think watching the buyer buy the things is also part of the fun experience as a drawer so it’s fine and not so boring.

Trial Part 2 – The Cooking

I wasn’t around during this part as I had to rush off to somewhere. Zhen Qi is very kind to help take over me so we can continue the game.


Unfortunately I can’t say much as I wasn’t around, but I can tell that connectivity is a big issue. The pantry isn’t well connected by wifi or data, so the live feed keeps getting cut off. I also feel that there is a lot of waiting time for the drawer while the cooker is cooking.

I feel that the drawings are okay, that the time frame given to draw is enough for the drawers to express the instructions properly.

The outcome is delicious (according to the rest of the group members). The Tabasco sauce created an interesting taste, so the glitch wasn’t that unpleasant. It actually enhanced the dish.

Videos of the cooking process: