Working with Vanessa on this!

Screenshots of media wall in sequence of events.

There will be 3 panels, the kitchen, the living room, and the bathroom. All 3 backgrounds will scroll to the right at their own speeds. Between each panels is a particle effect that is some kind of portal.

The house is filled with party goers which is actually just a few same people wearing different outfits doing different random things that is absurd and funny. The objects and the people will be animated.

The wall reaches the end of the artwork and all the people will look at the observer, out of the fourth wall. At this point, they realised that they are being watched, so the wave function collapses and the superposition becomes a fixed state, which in this case is the characters waving at the audience. The screen then turns off with a old school TV screen switch off effect together with some static.


Body Storming

Group: Bryan, Fizah

A recap on our concept:

  • Wings that expresses itself through LED lights, motor movements, and sound
  • Heart rate detector on gloves that changes the LED light
  • Movement and interaction with other people will make heart rate change, altering the LED outcomes
  • Ultimately, interlocking fingers will cause the a different set of reactions on the wings

Last week, we spent 25mins building a quick prototype using tapes, wires, paper, and some random materials lying around. With the limited time we have, we only could make 1 set of wings for 1 person, where we initially wanted to have 2 interacting people.

We had Syahrul as our tester. Here is our instructions:

Here is the video of what happened:

So Syahrul was hesitant to wear the prototype due to how fragile it looks. When he do so, he started interacting based on the feedback he is receiving from the beeping and the shaking of the wings, despite there being lights too. This proves that wings are not the greatest idea as the tester could not see its effects.

We also found that Syahrul was interacting with other non-participants and objects around him. This problem could have been solved if we made another set of wings and gloves for him to interact with. Interestingly, he only interacted with people with the hand that had the gloves on.

Other concerns are related to the safety of the artwork and people around, where wearable artworks can easily be taken home by accident or damaged by wearing.

Here are the feedbacks from the notes taker:

What did we learn:

We missed out the effect of external factors that could impact the actions of the participant. During the Body Storming exercise, Syahrul started interacting with other objects in the surrounding.

What we need to ensure for our final project is that the audience should be able to identify what they should be interacting with.

What surprised us:

  • It became natural for Syahrul to only interact with his his surroundings using his gloved hands.
  • Syahrul also expected instant feedback from his actions through constantly tapping his gloved hands. He also tried every possible interactions he could do on his surroundings

How we can apply to designing our installation:

We learnt that wings are not very effective as the participants cannot see the effects. We can use a cloak or blanket instead. We need to make 2 wearable pieces for 2 people to interact with each other, if not they will interact with others. We have to make the 2 of them interact with each other and only with each other.