Concept 1 – Life & Death

A recap to this concept:

  • Life is entangled to Death
  • Life is Superposition, Death is the absolute position
  • Life is a wave, Death is a particle

In this concept, the idea of what it will look like is like one of those paintings depicting the Wheel of Life, the Afterlife, or Hell aka Di Yu or Jigoku.

Jikogu, Image taken from
Buddhist Heaven, image taken from
The Wheel of Life, Image taken from

The idea is to create a narrative using a single canvas, telling a story within different sections of the canvas. A modern example of this idea is this artwork by Lee Xinli:

Image taken from


The moodboard for this concept is as such:

Main pointers for design:

  • grunge-looking
  • old chinese painting-like
  • dull colour scheme for Death, bright for Life
  • Symmetrical, cyclical
  • Bizarre

Individual design elements:

  • Clouds
  • Fire
  • Trees
  • Rivers
  • Cliffs
  • Demons / Monsters
  • Humans (varied)

Main artist reference: 

Zhitong Yu:

Concept 2: Numbers and Gamblers

A recap of this concept:

  • TOTO and 4D lottery numbers are sometimes found in natural patterns around us, as if the numbers within a pattern exist in a superposition
  • Buying 4D usually ends up having the numbers jumbled up (‘jumping digits’ in chinese), which represents quantum leap where the numbers jump around within their position
  • If you are lucky to buy the numbers that are entangled to the winning numbers, you strike

In this concept, I would like to take reference from the Japanese Ukiyo-e style to depict patterns and textures within the elements as well as bright colours and clean lines. The overall feel of the banner should look something like this but with more elements and humour:

Image taken from


Main pointers for design:

  • Clean lines
  • texture-heavy
  • connected
  • colourful

Individual design elements:

  • amulet / charm
  • flowerhorn fish
  • joss sticks
  • flowing water
  • clouds
  • arowana
  • rocks with contours
  • trees
  • Moneki Neko (auspicious cat)

Main artist reference:

KUBO Ayako:

Kazuaki Horitomo:

Other Inspirations


Kurzesagt video – Wormholes

Kurzgesagt really inspires me with their beautiful videos, but unfortunately I’m going for a different direction in this design so I’m not using these as my reference.

Moneki Neko Collection by multiple owners:

When I was thinking about lottery, these Moneki Nekos came to mind. They are so cute but I don’t know how to integrate them into my design.

I first saw the cats here:


Zhitong Yu:


Kazuaki Horitomo:

Ukiyo-e man with fish:

Ukiyo-e man with snake:

Ukiyo-e surfing man:

Moneki Neko Collection:

Fish pattern (colour pencil):

Fish pattern (lines):

Ukiyo-e fishes:

Wheel of life:

Jigoku paintings:

Jigoku paintings 2:

Taoist amulet:


Heaven Mural:

Heaven 2:

Lee Xinli: