Weekly-ish Updates

Things done:

  • Finished reading Speculative Everything, should have done it earlier lol
    • Better understanding of how a speculative work should be like, and how it is approached
    • Some parts I don’t agree with, but I will still respect the ideas.
    • I will be applying some of the new knowledge into my thought process
  • Sketches of the form of Chronophone

  • Tried wire prototyping with the forms
    • Able to get the form in 3D well, I’ll continue this prototyping method for future model testing

  • Tried more user testing with the sound
    • Worn it for about 2 hours per day
    • Able to remember vaguely 3 types of frequencies: 0~10mins, 30~40mins, 50~60mins
    • I think it works enough (backed by research too) to say that it works. Mark says I don’t have to really do all the tests since its not really crucial when I show it to others, which I think is quite true..
  • Exported 24 hour sound, proving that it’s not too taxing on my computer to export more of such files.

Next steps:


  • 3D model (having some difficulties here šŸ™ )
  • Heeding valuable advice from prof and Mark and modifying my project so it’s better

Not so important for now:

  • think further on the sound — doesn’t have to be the tones, it can be more imaginative and customisable
  • I want to still think about the form as I don’t think this fits very well
  • Now I kinda don’t like that it’s referencing cyberpunk aesthetics and IĀ  want to try to form my own aesthetics (after reading speculative everything)

Focus now will still be the 3D model and getting the form out so at least I have something to work with, then I’ll work on the other parts. Doesn’t matter if I don’t use it in the end, I think.

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