Accordion fold T-shirt organizer

Previous concept of t-shirt organization

img_4979 img_4978


This is an update from the previous t-shirt organizer. I have decided to use the accordion folding method to organize the t-shirt.

The system comes with a detachable design that could be removed from the drawer. During loading of folded t-shirt, unlike the previous concept that

user has to remove the organizer and load. This design works by slotting the t-shirt into the accordion organizer straight, to enhance workflow I have decided to

incorporate a pull out folding desk next to the drawer.

The work flow:

1. Move laundry basket to the wardrobe

2. Pull out “folding desk template”

3. Fold t-shirt using template

4. Slot in the t-shirt immediately

This greatly enhances the workflow of doing the laundry, users have a dedicated space for folding and are able to organize their clothes immediately.

Here is a very rough sketch of the proposed concept, I am currently working on the cadd file and I will upload asap.img_4984untitled-161untitled-160

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