Category: FYP Product Design 2016-17

Psychology of Clothing

Article 1 Comfort clothing: Clothes we wear to make us feel psychologically good. What we wear have a psychological impact on us subconsciously, what we are wearing will affect our mood and behavior. For example, when men wear red they feel sexier and when sporting teams wear black or red the chances of them winning are higher and they also… Read more →

Less is more, uprising minimalist trend Recently there has been an uprising trend of the minimalist movement in Japan. It is influenced by the spare aesthetic of Japan’s traditional Zen Buddhism,┬áthese minimalists buck the norm in a fervently consumerist society by dramatically paring back their possessions. The inspiration for Japan’s minimalists came from the United States, where early adherents included Steve Jobs. Definitions vary because… Read more →

Lifestyle Research

Women stuffed wardrobe syndrome is one of the factors that is causing the wardrobe to be unorganized or difficult to organize. These are the research that is conducted across women of different ages and lifestyle. Here are some of the photos of the wardrobe of the research subject. Both of them are in a mess mainly due to cluttering of… Read more →


Signifiers communicate where the action should take place, it is an important communication device to the recipient whether or not the communication is intended. Signifiers signal things, in particular, what actions are possible and how they should be done. They must be perceivable, else they fail to function. Signifier refers to any mark or sound, any perceivable indicator that communicates… Read more →

Human Centered Design Process

Designers are trained to discover the real problems. A brilliant solution to the wrong problem can be worse than no solution at all: solve the correct problem. The human-centred design is to ensure that the result fits human desires, needs, and capabilities. After all, why do we make products? We make them for people to use. Human-centred design (HCD) is… Read more →

FYP Proposal

These are the issues that I observed people in this hectic lifestyle are facing. Most consumers have the problem of organizing their wardrobe and in need of a smart organization system. Consumers also need to customize their wardrobe base on their lifestyle. Different people have different needs in terms of what they wear. A university student may have more casual… Read more →

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