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Women stuffed wardrobe syndrome is one of the factors that is causing the wardrobe to be unorganized or difficult to organize. These are the research that is conducted across women of different ages and lifestyle.

Here are some of the photos of the wardrobe of the research subject. Both of them are in a mess mainly due to cluttering of clothing, do they wear all of them? I doubt so.


Here are the research question I post to them during an interview.

Research Subject:

  1. Young working professional
  2. Student
  3. Housewife

Why do women stop wearing clothes that they buy?

  1. Clothing is out of fashion
  2. Size no longer fit

Why do they keep still keep those old clothes?:

  1. Recall the memories
  2. Believe that the fashion will return
  3. Some hope that they will wear their old clothes

An article talks about how our wardrobe should be organized according to our lifestyle. Different people have different lifestyles hence owns different types of clothing, this affects the way we organized our clothing in the wardrobe.

A young working professional weekly lifestyle will be different from a housewife.

A young working professional weekly lifestyle:

  1. Work
  2. Gym
  3. Lazing at home
  4. Shopping
  5. Going to the Bar

These are the activities that will be happening for a young working professional during the week. This will reflect on what he will wear for the different activities.

An example of what he might be wearing throughout the week.

  1. Formal Shirt & pants with tie
  2. Dry fit T-shirt and pants
  3. Comfy wear
  4. Casual outfit, T-shirt & Bermudas
  5. Shirt & Jeans

A housewife with children at home will be totally different.

  1. Going to the market
  2. Sending her kids to school
  3. Cooking at home / household chores
  4. Weekend shopping

The article also gives a comprehensive guide on how we can organize our clothes base on the activities we do weekly.



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