FYP Proposal

These are the issues that I observed people in this hectic lifestyle are facing. Most consumers have the problem of organizing their wardrobe and in need of a smart organization system. Consumers also need to customize their wardrobe base on their lifestyle. Different people have different needs in terms of what they wear. A university student may have more casual clothing compared to a working professional who will own more formal wear like shirts and suits.

Is it possible to plan for matching outfits in advance? Some people might not have a thing for matching colours, they only notice it when they put them on. What if the smart wardrobe is able to allow the user to mix and match their clothing the night before they go to bed? This might shave off a couple of minutes off their morning rush hour.

Organizing a wardrobe is easy but maintaining one is tough. We all have been through this, we stareĀ at our wardrobe and we tell ourselves, “Okay maybe it’s time to sort it out!” but after a month, we are back to where we started. This is why I would want to design a system to help consumers organize and maintain their wardrobe.

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