Psychology of Clothing

Article 1

Comfort clothing: Clothes we wear to make us feel psychologically good.

What we wear have a psychological impact on us subconsciously, what we are wearing will affect our mood and behavior.

For example, when men wear red they feel sexier and when sporting teams wear black or red the chances of them winning are higher and they also play more aggressively.

This article talks about how psychologically clothing affects us and how we should use that as an advantage.


Article 2

Dressing to impress

Males often impress their dates by emphasizing the securities that they could offer to the other partner. For example, financial position or the preparedness to commit.(Benz et al, 2005).

Specifically in males, tight-fitting clothes as opposed helped lead to perceptions of increased masculinity over those who wore baggy garments. (Brown et al, 1986)1.

Women, however, were deceptive with regards to their body image, exaggerating physical features in an effort to appear more attractive to their date .


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