Psychology of Clothing: Human Behaviour

Human Behaviour

Fashion as a form of discovery for humans

Every time we try on a new piece of garment, we discover a new aspect of our personality. For example, when we try on our clothing we will naturally look into the mirror to discover how we have changed and what I suddenly discovered about myself; look more masculine on a black tight fitting t-shirt.

Fashion as life

Our life curve starts going down from the day we are born, wearing something new and pleasant to our eye is an antidote against this and we feel renew at least on the outside. Some peasant woman in the old world starts feeling old at the aging of thirty or forty, but woman in this era uses fashion and make-up to dress themselves to look colourful and youthful even at the age of seventy. The fact is that they do not only look good on the outside, they also look good on the inside, they feel their cells rejuvenated and makes them feel younger.

Nowadays we renew our wardrobe at best at the beginning of a season; but soon, we will be thinking of changing our clothes several times a day, to dress according to mood, no longer will we be contented to be wearing the same clothes throughout the day.

Book reference: The psychology of fashion by Michael R. Solomon.


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