Brand Imaging; Keong Saik Festival | Type 1

Task III  |  Typography I

For our last brief, we would have to create a set of A5 cards situated in the context of an event give-away package. The cards would either be based on the neighbourhood or on the pseudo event itself.

The aesthetic of the cards would have to follow the overall ‘look & feel’ of one chosen poster design from task 2; this included both typography and colours used. The idea was to practice information continuity and in the process of it, aiding the development of a critical mind for information management that relates back to typography.

Lastly, we were also to create one set of collateral/merchandise in-line with the theme and aesthetic of the event. The collateral, same as the A5 cards, would be part of the “event give-away” package.


1x A2 Print of chosen poster design
10x A5 Event cards (all different designs)
1x Set of event collateral/merchandise

Chosen Poster Design

Attachment to high resolution pdf:
Click here to download A2 Poster pdf

A5 card DesigN

Attachment to high resolution pdf:
Click here to download A5 Cards pdf

Collateral Design | Professional Photos

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