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Finale – Project 3

Project Topic: Zeno’s Paradox of Dichotomy; the counter-intuitive nature of quantum physics.

Prelude: Paradoxes are a case of bad logic making sense.
Zeno of Elea, a Greek Philosopher, has the neck for inventing highly intuitive philosophical problems. He is most renown for his paradoxes, which I have explored during project 1 & project 2.

Picking up from where I left off, project 3 tasked us with applying what we have learnt about our topic and communicating this knowledge into the multiple folds of a single-page print (no bigger than A3). Having gone for a street inspired poster prior; seen below:

I wanted my invite to resemble and carry forward a similar aesthetic. As paradoxes can often be difficult and complicated to the average joe, I didn’t want to add further. Therefore, like a museum brochure, I intended to juxtapose the complexity of the topic/exhibit within a simple and comprehensive fold. Understanding & expressing the vast and profound knowledge of our universe, should not be limited to the niche professionals!

Digital Mockups:

Front & Back

Front & Back (Grid)

Link: Compilation PDF of iterations & alternative layouts



Photoshoot @ National Gallery Singapore:

Chosen Paper: A3 Newsprint 100 gsm

Type used: Helvetica Neue

Simply put, the dichotomy paradox refers to ‘movement’ as ‘merely an illusion’. An impossible task of reaching one’s end goal, due to the infinite number of midpoints you first have to pass through. Paradoxes are part of an interesting system of scientific theories.

In this exhibition, we look forward to immerse you in the counter-intuitive nature of quantum physics. Come join us, on a visual journey that never comes to an end!


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