The Care Project; Pseudo Website; Deliverable 1b) | VC II

Attachment to high resolution pdf:
The Care Project (Landing Platform)

Individual Slides

Attachment to high resolution pdf:
The Care Project (Individual Slides)

I strongly recommend viewers to download the high resolution pdf for better viewing purposes. With that being said, the above few images are a mock up of my pseudo website for ‘The Care Project’. It features various functions and acts as a landing site when users scan the QR Code from my preceding poster.

Following which, users can peruse the website and find out what exactly is it that we do. Also a good opportunity to expose the brand and generate awareness to both our online presence and cause.


LINKING PAGE to deliverable 2

I would of course like to draw our attention to our upcoming events. For now, the website names a few examples and I foresee this to be scalable even in the future; holding talks or workshops and even raising awareness to children in schools, these are all future possibilities.

So what happens when users click on ‘READ MORE’?

Users will then be taken to an alternative web page that would focus and provide more information about that particular event. This is also an example of how the website can alter its layout to fit a function or purpose.

Example below:

Attachment to high resolution pdf:
‘More than just a Fold’ Subpage

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