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The field of Quantum Physics and its various subsidiaries was a bit much to take in, especially when most terms were utterly alien to me. The term ‘wormhole’ was probably the only familiar concept, but unfortunately, Ina advised me against pursuing it as many others were already on it.


After reading up online and doodling up a mind-map regarding the various concepts, I realise that many of these terminologies were somehow intertwined and linked to one another. In other words… complicated beyond measure! Instead of running the risk of excessive overthinking, I decided to streamline and focus my efforts onto two intricately linked concepts; entanglement & paradox.



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    1. Thank you Ina, I have enlarged and updated the photo of the mindmap!

      If you’d like to view it even bigger;
      – right click
      – select ‘open in new tab’
      – viola 🙂

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