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2D Typography (Research) – Part II

Hi everyone! I finally managed to compile some really inspiring retro typography projects I found in a couple of books. Accumulated a massive library fine in the process of it but it’s alright 🙁 Hope the publication pages will give you some inspiration for the final zine project as well. The book titles are 1) Elegantissisma by Louise Fili, 2) I wonder by Marian Bartjes 3) World Tour by Francisca Matteroli. I lost the title for the final book but I’ll update it ASAP. Enjoy!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Typo scans-31 Typo scans-30 Typo scans-28 Typo scans-29 Typo scans-27 Typo scans-25
Typo scans-20 Typo scans-22 Typo scans-21 Typo scans-24 Typo scans-23 Typo scans-26 Typo scans-19 Typo scans-17Typo scans-18 Typo scans-16 Typo scans-14 Typo scans-15 Typo scans-11 Typo scans-13 Typo scans-05 Typo scans-07 Typo scans-06 Typo scans-09 Typo scans-08 Typo scans-10 Typo scans-12 Typo scans-03 Typo scans-04 Typo scans-02 Typo scans-01