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Moodboard (Dragon King)

I had difficulty coming up with fresh ideas from the previous concept, moreover, it was lacking also a “asian” element that was a requirement in the design brief. Hence, I decided to create my banner based on a Hungry Ghost Festival myth. I was intrigued by the story of the Dragon King and I felt inspired the moment I researched upon it.

The Dragon King of Eastern Seas

The legend of the Dragon King of the Eastern Seas, is lesser-known myth of the Hungry Ghost Festival. When the Dragon King was sentenced to death because of a wrong he did, he approached Emperor Tang Taizong for help. The Emperor felt sorry for him and vouched to do what he could to save the Dragon King’s life. Unfortunately, the plan did not succeed.

Shortly after his death, the Dragon King appeared in Emperor Tang’s dream for not keeping his promise. This resulted in his plight as a wandering spirit. On the 15th day of the seventh lunar month, Emperor Tang ordered all Buddhist and Taoist priests in the capital to offer prayers, as well as food and drink for the Dragon King, marking the beginning of the Hungry Ghost Festival.